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Manic Panic


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Founded in 1977, Manic Panic was built in New York by sisters Tish & Snooky. To this day, Manic Panic is one of the world’s most sought after colour ranges by hairdressers and colour enthusiasts.

With its vegan formula, Manic Panic adds beautiful condition and shine to the hair whilst providing and endless multitude of colour possibilities. With a large range of intermixable shades and a pastellizer Manic Panic allows you to customize a colour to your own unique look. The possibilities are truly endless!

MP colours work best and boast the most vibrancy when the hair is prelightened first, but don’t sweat it, if you’re still after colourful hair without having to go through the lightening process then you can consider some of their deeper shades which add beautiful tone and shine to natural hair! If you find yourself a mermaid at heart and want the hair to match then by all means, let us help you reach those hair goals! MP has even catered to those party animals who love to shine by creating a range of shades that glow under black light, crazy right?? And for those of you who love the softer and more magical side of hair colour then the pastellizer is your dream come true, we can soften any shade in the range to make it as pastel as your little heart may desire! We love MP at Corie’s and we think you will too, speak with one of the girls about your wildest hair dreams and you’ll see that nothing is out of reach.

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