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Structure Complex

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As hairdressers, one of our passions in life is to change the way a person feels about themselves… Through changing their hair, they change the way they view themselves as well as the way others view them.

Throughout all the years of training and all the ins and outs of hairdressing the one main limit that is put on our job is carefully nurturing the integrity of the hair. Hair breakage is a common problem caused by a large array of factors, it can, more often than not, determine whether or not we can perform a chemical process on your hair.

For years, hair breakage has placed boundaries on hairdressers to ‘air on the side of caution’ when colouring and lightening hair… until now…

Structure Complex changes EVERYTHING!

Structure Complex is the missing link to all things chemical, it has revolutionised the hairdressing industry forever. This is not a trend. To put it simply, Structure Complex is your safety net, your life jacket and your guarantee to you that you’ll walk away with healthy hair. This revolutionary polymer science is a breakthrough bond-building technology. It strengthens hairs internal scaffolding to help prevent possible hair breakage and structural stress during all forms of chemical change. Structure Complex doubles as a pre or post anti-stress treatment service. It works on restoring strength and stability to all hair types, providing high shine and cuticle lamination.

Have you ever had your hairdresser tell you that you can’t go blonder without compromising the health of your hair? Or that it will take a few goes so that your hair has time to repair in between visits? This was quite often the case, before Structure Complex.

The internet (and hairdressers) went into overdrive with Kimmy K’s blonde hair transformation. Black to blonde in one day?! It’s next to impossible without this new technology.

So this product pretty much sounds like a miracle right? It does still have its limitations… For instance, you can’t use this if the hair is already breaking or broken and in some cases it can still cause damage to the hair. You should always consult with a professional when considering a chemical service.

At Corie’s we truly care about the condition of your hair and we can get your results whilst keeping your hair intact. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to breakage, say hello to Structure Complex at Corie’s. Ask one of the girls at your next appointment about the benefits of upgrading your service with Structure Complex.

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